The Spring Workshop of CPP

Fracture / Rupture / Break

Workshop at the University of Jyväskylä, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, 21–22 February 2020, organized by Center for Practical Phenomenology and Discipline of Philosophy. Venue: Lyhty, Seminaarinkatu 15. Open to all.


The workshop analyzes philosophically the individual-psychological and the cultural-historical discontinuities and fractures of experience: the often interrelated psychological, social, historical and existential phenomena, which are defined by different kinds of discontinuities and ruptures.

In the workshop such fractures of experience can be addressed with the help of the following questions, for example:

We invite abstracts from scholars working, for instance, in the fields of phenomenology, philosophy of existence, psychoanalysis, critical theory, feminist philosophy, poststructuralism, environmental philosophy and history of philosophy.The abstracts will be divided into panels according the topic, possibly along the lines of the three definitions of the “fracture” given above (psychological, social and cultural). You can also propose a panel as a group or volunteer to moderate a panel.

Favoring informality, dialogue and “thinking together”, we ask you to limit your presentation to 10 minutes and encourage you to communicate it in an audience-friendly manner (with a PowerPoint or another visual aid), even though “reading a paper” is still a possibility. A good way to deal with the time constraint is to frame the talk as a question. Everything does not have to fit in those 10 minutes: you will have the opportunity to round out your input during the panel discussion.

Send your abstract (max. 300 words) to by 1 Dec. 2019.